Here at Allyson Gonzalez, MD, GYN, we are proud to offer a full spectrum of obstetric and gynecological services to our patients to treat a variety of conditions. Our highly trained professionals have years of experience in diagnosing and treating these conditions, and we are happy to help find a solution to best suit your individual needs.
We strive to create individualized treatment plans for each of our patients as each person has a unique history and unique needs. Some of our services include:

Urinary Incontinence services Los Angeles, CA

Urinary Incontinence

Many women struggle with urinary incontinence, and it can be an embarrassing and inconvenient issue to live with.

However, there are many ways to manage and treat urinary incontinence, and at Allyson Gonzalez, MD, GYN we can help navigate your condition with urodynamic testing, medical treatments, and in some cases, surgery to best address your needs.

Whether you are dealing with stress incontinence or urge incontinence, we can help develop a personalized treatment plan to help you find the relief you deserve.

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IUD Placement services Los Angeles, CA

IUD Placement

At Allyson Gonzalez, MD, GYN, we understand that your choice of birth control is a personal one. We offer a wide range of contraception options and will help find one that is right for you and your lifestyle. While some people prefer the familiarity of pills, the convenience of an IUD or implant may be more appealing to others.

IUD placement is performed within our office and is a simple procedure that only takes a few minutes of your time. Using a speculum, we can spread your vaginal walls for better access to your cervix, the opening of the uterus. The IUD is then inserted through the cervix and embedded into the uterus.

You may feel a slight pinch during the placement but otherwise should not experience any discomfort or pain. A plastic tail is attached to the IUD and extends into the vagina. We recommend ensuring the tail is in place before having sex for maximum protection. The IUD works by making the uterus inhospitable to host sperm and increasing your body’s production of cervical mucus to make it difficult for sperm to reach the egg.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation with Votiva

Women who are uncomfortable about the appearance, feel, or function of their vagina should seek vaginal revitalization treatments. Vaginal revitalization treatments may be for you if you experience:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Pain during sex
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Endure excess labial tissue that may interfere with the fit of clothing, sexual sensation, or physical activity
Your doctor will work with you to customize a treatment plan that will help you to regain your confidence both in and out of the bedroom with several options. After a consultation and examination, we will be able to recommend the best form of treatment depending on your condition and goals.

Vaginal dryness, uncomfortable sex, and incontinence are just a few of the reasons women seek vaginal rejuvenation with Votiva radiofrequency treatments. Committed to offering state-of-the-art, effective procedures to enhance all aspects of women’s sexual health, Allyson A. Gonzalez, MD, an experienced OB/GYN, provides Votiva for women in Santa Monica, California, and nearby communities. When vaginal changes after childbirth or menopause interfere with your quality of life, Votiva treatments can help. Call the office to schedule a consultation or make an appointment online.

Labiaplasty can be a great option if you have excess labial tissue that may make you feel self-conscious about your body.

There are several techniques that your doctor may use during this procedure to alter the size and shape of your labia. The trim technique involves trimming away the excess tissue and then stitching up the area. The wedge technique means a piece of the labia in the shape of a pie piece or wedge will be removed before the area is stitched together.

Following the procedure, you will need a week of downtime and rest. We recommend elevating your hips and using ice to help keep swelling to a minimum. Minor swelling may linger for up to six months as the body fully heals. Sexual intercourse and the use of tampons should be avoided for six weeks following the procedure.

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Birth Control

For women who are sexually active but do not wish to become pregnant, there are several birth control options, or contraceptives, available that are safe and effective. We will work with you to find a form of birth control that is right for you and your lifestyle.

As mentioned above there are various kinds of birth control:

  • Barrier
    These methods of birth control include male and female condoms as well as diaphragms, or cups, that work to prevent sperm from entering the uterus.
  • Hormonal
    Hormonal birth controls may come in the form of pills, patches, shots, or implants. These methods alter your hormone production to either prevent your body from releasing eggs or to thicken cervical mucus so that fertilization does not occur.
  • Procedural
    These birth control methods involve undergoing minor procedures to prevent pregnancy. An IUD, or intrauterine contraception device, is a device placed within the uterus and works to decrease ovulation, thicken cervical mucus, or block sperm from entering the uterus.
    Another form of procedural birth control is tubal ligation. This form is permanent as the Fallopian tubes are cut, clamped, or burned off. This prevents eggs from traveling to the uterus or sperm from reaching the eggs.

Abstinence, or refraining from sexual intercourse, is the only means of birth control that is proven to prevent pregnancy 100%. However, many of the birth control options listed above have excellent rates with less than 1% of women becoming pregnant when using birth control correctly.

Risks and Benefits
Every contraceptive has its own risk and benefits. It is important that you make this decision together with your doctor so that you are aware of all your options and choose the one that is right for you.

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Fibroids Los Angeles, CA


Fibroids are noncancerous growths that develop either in or on your uterus. These growths can cause pain, heavy periods, and difficulty becoming pregnant. If you know or suspect you may have fibroids, we will help you achieve relief with the latest treatment options for fibroids.

What are fibroids?
Fibroids are abnormal growths that develop in or on a woman’s uterus. These are typically benign or noncancerous tumors. However, they can become quite large and cause severe pain in addition to other symptoms that may affect your quality of life.

There are different types of fibroids and are described by the location of where the growth develops.

  • Intramural
    This is the most common type of fibroid and appears within the muscular wall of the uterus. These growths may become large and stretch your womb.
  • Subserosal
    Subserosal fibroids form on the outside of the uterus which is called the serosa. These growths can become large and make your womb appear bigger on one side.
  • Pedunculated
    This type of tumor grows from a subserosal fibroid that develops a slender base or stem to support the tumor.
  • Submucosal
    These fibroids develop in the middle muscle layer of the uterus and are the least common type.

Symptoms will depend on the number of tumors present as well as their size and location. Often smaller fibroids do not cause symptoms, but common signs and symptoms of fibroids include:

  • Heavy bleeding between and during your period
  • Pain in the pelvis or lower back
  • Increased menstrual cramping
  • Increased urge to urinate
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Menstruation that lasts longer than a week
  • Pressure or fullness felt in the lower abdomen
  • Difficulty becoming pregnant

Your doctor can diagnose fibroids by feeling for any signs of abnormal growths in your uterus during a routine exam. An ultrasound or MRI can help to confirm the diagnosis and show the size and location of the fibroids.

If the fibroids are small, do not cause health concerns, or do not affect your quality of life, treatment may not be necessary. Medications, lifestyle changes, and home remedies can help to relieve some discomfort. Other recommendations include:

  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Dietary Changes
  • Regular exercise
  • Stress management

Birth control may also help to control any excessive bleeding during your periods. In severe cases, surgery may be recommended to remove fibroids from your uterus.

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Women's Health Los Angeles, CA

Women’s Health

At Allyson Gonzalez, MD, GYN, we provide comprehensive women’s health services while making you feel at ease and comfortable with your body and any health concerns you may have.

What is women’s health?
Women’s health treats conditions that mainly affect women. These conditions could be related to the female sex hormones, female reproductive organs, and conditions that primarily affect women.

Some of the conditions we cover as part of women’s health include:

  • Endometriosis
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Pelvic pain
  • Vaginal atrophy
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
  • Pelvic organ prolapses (POP)
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PIDS)
  • Menstrual symptom management
  • Menopause symptom management

What is a well-woman exam?
A well-woman exam is an annual examination that ensures you are healthy with a particular focus on your sexual and reproductive health. It is also an opportunity to discuss any concerns or questions you have such as contraceptives, testing for STDs and STIs, or symptoms that may indicate a hormonal imbalance or a greater women’s health condition.

During your well-woman exam, we may also do preventive screenings for cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, breast cancer, and colorectal cancer to ensure optimal health and wellbeing. We will check for any underlying causes of your symptoms or concerns and prescribe effective treatment options that fit your lifestyle and needs.

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Pregnancy Testing

Wondering whether you’re pregnant or not often results in a flood of emotions that range from anxiety to joy. At her gynecology practice in Santa Monica, California, Allyson A. Gonzalez, MD, provides pregnancy testing for women. If you think you might be pregnant or you’re trying to become pregnant, call to schedule an appointment for pregnancy testing, or request a consultation using the convenient online booking feature.
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Fibroids are noncancerous growths in your uterus that cause painful, heavy periods and are most likely to occur in your 30s and 40s. At the practice of Allyson A. Gonzalez MD, in Santa Monica, California, women of all ages receive expert gynecological care and the latest treatments for uterine fibroids. If you suffer from painful periods and want to find out if fibroids are the underlying cause of your symptoms, call the office to schedule a consultation or make an appointment online today.
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STD Testing

People often think they know if they have a sexually transmitted disease (STD), but sometimes there are no symptoms. At her practice in Santa Monica, California, Allyson A. Gonzalez, MD, is an experienced obstetrician and gynecologist who provides comprehensive, in-office STD testing for women concerned about their sexual health. Dr. Gonzalez offers thorough testing, including cultures and bloodwork, all done in the comfort and privacy of her office. Call today to schedule an appointment or use the convenient online booking tool to request an available time.
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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States. At her practice in Santa Monica, California, Allyson A. Gonzalez, MD, a gynecologist with expertise in care for HPV as well as preventive testing. Left untreated, HPV can lead to serious health complications, including certain types of cancer. Protect yourself by scheduling an appointment by phone, or by requesting the next available appointment online.
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When preventing pregnancy is a top priority, an intrauterine device (IUD) is an effective birth control method that you don’t have to think about every single day. In Santa Monica, California, and surrounding communities, women of all ages turn to Allyson A. Gonzalez, MD. An experienced gynecologist, Dr. Gonzalez provides comprehensive reproductive care and helps you determine which IUD is right for you. Call to schedule an appointment or request the next available time using the online booking tool.
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Urinary incontinence is twice as common for women as it is for men, and can cause extreme embarrassment and discomfort. At the practice of Allyson A. Gonzalez, MD, women in Santa Monica, California, and nearby communities, rely on the OB/GYN expertise of Dr. Gonzalez to get the help they need for incontinence. If bladder control issues are affecting your quality of life, you’re not alone and help is available. Schedule an appointment by phone or use the online booking feature to request a convenient time to come to the office.
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